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Red White and Blue

November 6, 2012

With the election dwindling to its last hours…I actually feel a little bit of stress.  Oh did I mention I’m Canadian?

What I’m most concerned about? What will this mean for the fashion world when either Anne moves in or Michelle unpacks.

Jenna Lyons should be thanking her lucky stars that Michelle Obama looks fierce in a sweater set.  Personally, I think everyone should own one but, she looks like a bad ass betch in her dozens 0f complimentary sets and printed skirts.  ALSO, her leather gloves are so chic.

Did anyone see when they both Anne and Michelle wore pink to the debate? GASP.  Anne needed some Spanx and of course Michelle looked trendy, yet feminine and sophisticated all in one go.  Is Schiaparelli pink making a comeback?

In a nutshell, bring back MObama, I like what she’s done to my wardrobe.


What’s a girl to do…

November 6, 2012

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned in a previous post, but I am back to being a student.  I am attending a Toronto college to complete post-grad in Fashion Management.

Where will this take me?  Hopefully to a buying office somewhere.  I’ve always wanted to be a buyer.  Not for the frequent plane rides but to be able to know a group of people so well you can successfully choose their wardrobe before they even know they need a new shirt. It’s fast paced and you need to think about the past, present and future all at the same time.

The fashion world is fierce and if you don’t cut it there are thousands of others willing and ready to take your spot.  I feel like I’ve been slugging it out at work, in hopes that the long hours I put in while trying to get all my homework done will be recognized by the karma gods one day.  I’ve never called in sick and I frequently don’t get enough sleep.  All things needs to make a fab buyer, right?

Let’s hope so…

Wish me luck!

I’d wait a thousand years…

October 26, 2012


During one of my classes, I started to think about different accessories, particularly designer items that I covet.  A Cartier Love bangle, an Hermes silk scarf, a Goyard monogrammed tote, just to name a few.  I then started thinking about companies that to me have particular accessories that define their brand.  In my opinion this is Hermes with their Birkin bag and Chanel with their 2.55 purse.

I’ve promised myself that when I finally have an income that is worthy of designer items, I am buying a bag.  Hopefully, a Chanel bag.  This may require many years of patience, but there really isn’t anything I equate more with financial success than being able to afford something Chanel.  Not much needs to be said about the clout that follows owning one of their pieces.  One step further than a Chanel bag is a Hermes; a Birkin bag to be exact.  I don’t know what Hermes’s latest collection was but I do know that when I see a Birkin I stop and stare.

What does this say about the company when a single accessory and label become one in the consumers mind?  In an article posted on Women’s Wear Daily, it stated that Hermes wanted to open up more leather factories in order to accommodate the demand for their leather products, particularly the Birkin.  If one bag can sustain the lively hood of many workers, clearly it is worth a waiting list.

I can count of my hand the number of accessories that as previously mentioned, can define a brand to a large portion of consumers.  The labels probably don’t want this, as there are hundreds of other items that show off the craftsmanship and quality of the brand.  But personally, why wouldn’t you want to have one particular item be the cornerstone of a brand?  No many accessories have the fashion community up in arms when they are set on fire and destroyed.

Recently when I was in Prada purchasing a gift for my grandma, I was looking at purse price tags. The sales associate beside me joking said “don’t worry, it’s not a Chanel”.  Chanel is revered as being the cream of the crop, and not just by average consumers, but also by fashion elites as well.

The Chanel 2.55 bag and the Hermes Birkin are by all definitions of the word, a classic.  Hand crafted pieces of leather perfection that I would do just about anything to own.

Speed of Light

August 16, 2012


I work at a well known retailer in Toronto and we already have pieces on the floor with that labelling on the tag.  We’re only half way through the year and ALREADY S12 (Spring/Summer 12) pieces are out of date and on insane sale.

The world of fashion moves fast, extremely fast.  Winter jackets are out and selling like hot cakes before the leaves have had time to turn.  As much as I love this fast paced world and am preparing myself to make a career out of it, it sometimes boggles my mind.

Things are on sale and pushed to the back of the store before you’ve arrived home with your new purchases.  Designers are three steps ahead of everyone forecasting what the trends for the next couple of season will be.  I honestly think they’re genius, they know what you’ll want to wear for the next year and a half before you know what you want to wear tomorrow.

Everyone alway says enjoy life, take it slow, savour every minute.  Clearly the fashion world missed the memo, and I can’t wait to be apart of it.

It moves at lighting speed and if you’re not on the bus well, too bad.

Hopefully I’ll be early for this bus.

In the immortal words of Rick Ross “Live fast, die young”  (Hopefully young means 85+, but anyways…)

Make me beautiful

February 9, 2012

QUICK- if you could only wear one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I always struggle with this game (my sister and I play frequently) because although I don’t wear a ton of makeup on the daily, I have a specific regime that does not leave a lot of room for change or additions.

1. Wash my face

-I use Cetaphil.  AMAZING.

2.  Apply moisturizer

-I use to think that putting on moisturizer would make my face greacy, but it has improved the look of my skin.  No longer does it look greyish.  Has a gentle glow and I have my colour back.

3.  Apply tinted moisturizer.

-I love this as it gives my complexion an even appearance without looking too cakey.  PLUS it has SPF 15 which is so important to me

4. Apply mineralized powder

-This seals my tinted moisturizer and takes away an unnecessary sheen.

5. Apply mascara

-Mascara is always the product I choose.  I am fortunate enough to have long eye lashes so applying mascara instantly opens and brightens my face.  I always feel naked without mascara.  I like to stick with a thicker brush to plump my lashes instead of lengthening them.  1 coat for day, 2 for night!

6. Apply blush

-I use to be weary about blush because when it goes wrong it ruins everything but I have found a blush that works perfectly for my complexion.  NARS “Deep Throat” is just enough pink/shimmer  that I don’t feel too costumey.  I have naturally rosy cheeks so this adds a little oomph when I’m tired.


For the evening, I will apply Stila’s Smudge Pot with an angled brush to my upper lid.  I like to achieve a cat-esque eye. Very retro glam.  Also, I like to give my face a little kick with Benefit’s High Beam.  I apply to the corner of my eyes and my brow bone.  It’s like magic!  Finally I have started trying out different lipsticks.  I really like the look of a matte red or coral.  It’s very bold but an amazing addition to any outfit!  I’ve always been inspired by my Grandma who ONLY wears Russian Red.  MAC should have sent her a lifetime supply ages ago…





February 1, 2012

It’s February!  Which mean it’s my birthday and…AWARD SEASON!

Awards season is the highlight of my year.  Other than the release of new designer collections for various seasons.  Hello Eli Saab Haute Couture…TO. DIE. FOR!

This is how I see it:

Golden Globes:  Pre-game warm up.  You definitely don’t want to go hard at this event, you have to save some energy for game day: The Academy Awards.  If you win at the Globes it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll take home an Oscar.  Keep calm and campaign!

Screen Actors Guild Awards:  What’s better than receiving accolades from your peers?  Not a whole lot.  A bit of a popularity contest, yes.   True talent is recognized here.   At the SAG’s is where celebrities are most relaxed, you’re hanging out with your friends!  The dress is unique, quirky and sometimes off beat.  It’s where you can experiment and won’t go down in history for worst dressed…EVER!

The Academy Awards:  This is game day baby!  You’ve been campaigning for months, you’ve had multiple fittings and your jewellery costs millions.  This is what really counts.  Some say winning an Oscar is a curse, but for those who have chosen to act professionally, there may be no higher form of recognition.  It also doesn’t hurt that your pay increases tenfold after winning an Oscar.  Some play it safe with their dress, others go big.  I hope my favourites doesn’t disappoint.

What are your most memorable fashion moments?

Kate Moss

January 20, 2012

This post will be quick.  It’s all about Kate Moss.  Her style more specifically.  Is there anyone that has better style?  I honestly don’t think so.  She is such a trend setter and risk taker.  It’s effortless and incredible.  She is completely versatile.  Who looks better in cigarette jeans and flats?  Remember her at the Met with Marc Jacobs?  She was completely mesmerizing in an a gold turban and dress.

I understand that she has fallen out of favour with the public in the last little while after her tumultuous relationship with Pete Doherty and multiple drug scandals.  But seriously, she’s Kate Moss.  Her name is simple and strong, like style.  I aspire to dress like Kate, although it might be tricky because our body types have zero similarities.

I digress…

In conclusion: Kate Moss is my style icon and I envy her closet.  As well I envy Lila Grace her daughter, who will inherit Kate’s interesting mix of vintage and couture.